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Friday, 17 June 2011 18:34



Our vision is a Swiss and European society where the multicultural communities will live together harmoniously and peacefully, in the acceptation of their peculiarities and differences and the harmonization of their similarity.


Objectives :

CO-HABITER is an International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which positions itself as a mediator for a "better living together" multicultural societies. It intends to involve itself in the promotion of an harmonious and peaceful coexistence of the majority and minority groups in general, and also of established persons and newcomers in the European and Swiss societies in particular.


CO-HABITER works particularly towards this objective through actions establishing intercultural dialogue among the components of the society that will have to live together.


In its commitment, a singular emphasis is put on the young people and their acquisition of intercultural skills.


CO-HABITER also contributes to the National and European debates on issues of living together.

On the extra-European level, it initiates and supports activities which aim at improving knowledge and a better understanding of Africa.

It also participates in the democratization process and recovery of the continent through various activities.



CO-HABITER works with migrants and any other person, association, public or private institution concerned with issues of living together that may arise among migrants and native people.


Document to download :


Our Statutes


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