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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 23:09

CO-HABITER is involved in the Forum « Living together, reconciling diversity and freedom in the 21st-century Europe » which is held on 13-14 November 2011 in Strasbourg – France.

The Forum gathers representatives of European civil society whose main purpose is to promote “Living together” in our multicultural societies.


These two working days will allow in particular the continuation of the launch of the “toolkit” to practice the intercultural dialogue.


Let us note that this work was already one of the objectives of the Forum of Istanbul NGO entitled “ New multicultural challenges: which roles for NGOs? ”. And of which the present meeting is an extension.


We recommend the reading of the three thematic workshop reports which were prepared in Istanbul:


- «Liberté d’expression et liberté de pensée, de conscience et de religion : le rôle de la société civile dans le contexte des sociétés multiculturelles » (Freedom of expression and freedom of thought, conscience and religion: the role of civil society in multicultural societies),

- « L’identité et l’Autre : le rôle de l’éducation interculturelle » (Identity and the Other: the role of intercultural education),

- « Vivre ensemble : l’inclusion sociale des jeunes issus de l’immigration » (Living together : Social integration of young people from immigrant backgrounds)


For more information on the Forum of Strasbourg, the initiative on Living together of the Council of Europe and the group of key personalities, please visit the following links:


The Forum is organized by the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe with the support of the Council of Europe.


CO-HABITER, on 12.11.2011


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