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Friday, 17 June 2011 18:30

Follow up Example

Wald is a small district of the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Today, it accounts 844 inhabitants out of which 77 are foreigners , so 10 % of the total population.

Its particularity holds on its pioneer's position of German-speaking Swiss being the first municipality to have granted the right of vote and eligibility to the foreigners.

This situation is not a coincidence : the municipality of Wald has a welcome tradition of foreigners adding to a secret recipe for integration.

As said by its President Jakob Egli in ‘’Blick am Abend’’ of February 18th, 2011: « every person is here welcome, be it young, old, disabled or foreigner (...) At our place, the inhabitants know each other and this proximity situation is the best recipe for integration».


Motivated by the excellent result of its reception and integration policy, the Municipality of Wald is aspiring this year to the title of the most welcoming Municipality of foreigners awarded by the association Secondos. It ‘s got all chance for winning.


CO-HABITER expresses its heartfelt public thanks to the municipality of Wald and to its whole management for this example of integration and good life between the local and foreign communities.


It is asking to the foreigners welcomed to continue to show their gratitude through their irreproachable participation in the municipal life.


The Municipality of Wald AR is for us a model to follow up for a successful integration of the migrants and a peaceful coexistence between the various communities.


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