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Friday, 17 June 2011 18:34

Adaptation of Newcomers

The objectives of the Swiss policy for integration are registered for the first time on a legal basis: the foreign federal law (LEtr; RS 142.20) and the reguations on integration for the foreigners (OIE).

The principles contained in the municipal, cantonal and federal judicial base in force, can be summarized as follows:

Integration is a mutual process which involves the Swiss as well as the foreign population.

  • Integration implies openness from the Swiss population, a climate of acknowledgement and the elimination of discriminatory obstacles.
  • Contribution of the foreigners towards integration appears as follows :
    • respect for the values of the Federal Constitution ;
    • respect of the security and law and order ;
    • willingness for participation to the economic life and for training ;
    • learning of a national language.
  • Integration  is essentially a state responsibility which involves all the institutional levels in association with labor and management, non-governmental organizations and foreigners' organizations.

The formula « encourage and require » is rooted in various political and public debates around the integration of the foreigners in Switzerland.

  • The term « require » emphasizes the personal responsability of the foreigners. The requirements relating to the rights of foreigners indicate clearly what is expected from the people living in Switzerland. Sanctions are possible whenever these requirements are not met.
  • The term «encourage» includes all the measures taken by the state departments to encourage the integration of foreigners. First of all, this encouragement takes place in the ordinary structures : the professional training, the labor market, the field of the health, etc. In addition, there is the specific encouragement of the integration, which aims at the guarantee of its quality within the ordinary structures and filling the gaps.

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Current Activities:


Support to the Newcomers

General Information on the life in Switzerland.

Assistance for translation, drafting of administrative correspondence, appeal against the decisions of asylum and

Moral and material support in serious situation.


Informal Language Conversation

Knowledge and management of local, cantonal and federal institutions :

Meeting with the political Leaders and administrative Officers, tours in the local and cantonal institutions,

Documents on Swiss institutions made available.



Information for the newcomers about the oriented behavior as regards health in the Swiss environment.


Space parents-children

Preschool education for allophone pupils ; workshop on the cantonal school system for the parents ;

Advice and motivation for excellence of the students.


Model of the month

Identification of newcomers and migrant origin persons who emerged as well as Swiss figures whose actions contribute singularly to the adaptation in the Swiss society.

Bring the young people off the beaten track, build up their self-confidence and motivation for excellence.


Web media

Collection of experiences, opinions and ideas of people on the ‘’living together’’ through reports, interviews, etc. and on-line publishing.




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